Are you frustrated with the limitations you have today in order to design a proper prosthesis?

Are you concerned for the long term biologic response of your cases?

Are you ready for a CHANGE?

Proper management of the Emergence and Cervical Profile can allow proper control of the location of the Plaque zone in relation to Implant Platform and Crown’s cervical margin. Allowing the Plaque zone to be established coronally and laterally will keep it away from the implant platform/crestal bone area and in proximity to crown’s cervical margin, so that the patient can disturb the bacteria present when applying oral hygiene. This can be one of the fundamental steps on preventing Peri-implantitis development. 

This can not be achieved with a stock healing abutment, or even a not properly designed anatomical healing abutment; On the contrary the Cervico system is specifically designed based on modern implant protocols and can help you build the foundation for long term stable clinical results in an easy, fast and cost effective manner.

In the above images the biologic width zone is displayed in dark red colour, the cervical profile zone in white colour and the plaque zone in purple colour. The biologic zone acts as a seal protecting the peri-implant bone from the bacteria of the plaque zone. Locating the plaque zone upwards and laterally, close to the cervical profile zone, can be proven fundamental on long term stability of the peri-implant soft and hard tissue.

Cervico System can be used for both anterior and posterior cases, providing the foundation for exceptional aesthetic and biologically solid  results.