Mastering the Cervical Profile.

Cervico by VPI

Time saving.

The speed in which the clinician is able to fabricate an ideal healing abutment in any intra oral situation is phenomenal and the outstanding results make the aesthetics for the final prosthesis seem so simple.

Extensive documentation.

Cervico by VPI is used by experts all over the world. Make sure to regularly check our case studies.

Cost effective.

Enjoy the ease of instant optimised healing abutments. Cervico system can help you build the foundation for long term stable clinical results in an easy, fast and cost effective manner.

Peace of mind.

Top quality materials, attention to detail. The Cervico by VPI is designed to last.

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The Cervico System allows the clinician to identify the optimum cervical profile to be generated and subsequently fabricate the optimum shape and size Cervico healing abutment and duplicate impression post for the accurate generation and recording of the selected cervical  profile.

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Why Cervico

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Our Story

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