Silicone Insert 1.5mm
Item No.

Silicone Insert 2.0 mm
Item No.

Silicone Inserts

Two silicone inserts allow you to produce
custom healing abutments and duplicate
impression posts with a titanium
shoulder of 1.5mm & 2.0mm height.
Both sizes available for all Mold versions.

More options will be available soon

Silicone Insert Changing Process

Locate the open bore
at the base of the mold
and push the silicone out
with the bottom portion
of the handle of the EP
Indicator or other suitable
instrument in order to
change the silicone insert.

Reposition the silicone insert
in the mold by aligning the grove
of the insert with the vertically
oriented pole of the base. The two
groves of the insert allow for two
different functional positions of the
later in the mold (POS.A and POS.B)