The VPI EP Indicator has 24 tabs.
Each tab is identical in shape and size
with the 24 corresponding, coded
wells of the VPI Mold.

Step 1

Select the proper code of abutment and impression post
to be used for your clinical case intra-orally or extra-orally,
and correlate the code of the tab of the indicator with the
code of the well of the mold.

Step 2

Have your assistant fabricate the desired custom shaped
healing abutment and duplicate impression post for
clinical use.

Step 3

After the VPI abutment has been generated;
Connect the VPI abutment on the easy grip polishing
handle. Make any necessary height adjustments. Polish
and disinfect the composite surface. Save the fabricated
VPI components for clinical use.

Step 4

Fabricated custom healing abutment and impression
post with the same shape and dimensions custom body
as the one depicted by the tab of the indicator.