VPI EP Indicator Retention Handles

The Indicator Retention Handles are used to hold and extend Indicator Tabs into the desired position in the mouth. There are two available types of handles, each offering a different fixture component. A threaded connection makes for a more secure connection of the tab onto the handle, once the correct size has been allocated to the patient and the VPI EP Indicator will be used for initiation of the implant osteotomy. A magnetic connection allows ease of switching various sized tabs during the initial measuring phase. Finally, a threaded adapter is provided and can combine the magnetic handle with a threaded functional end. Cylindrical tabs are made to function with both connections, while anatomical tabs function only with the magnetic connection.

Threaded Connection
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Magnetic Connection
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Retention Handle Adapter

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This adapter can be used with the magnetic handle in order for the clinician to be able to securely couple thread the cylindrical tabs and at the same time maintain the freedom of different orientations of the tab in the mouth.

This assembly can be used in cases where the VPI EPI will be utilised for the initiation of the implant osteotomy and it can be utilised instead of the treaded retention handle

Assembly process

Couple thread the cylindrical tab on the adapter

Install the adapter on the magnetic handle