Additional Tools

Our tools are tailor made for the VPI
EP System, allowing you to execute the
ultimate polished prosthesis.

VPI Nano Easy Flow
Item No.

Composite Polishing Paste
Item No.

Bristle Brush
Item No.

Polishing Mop

Item No.


Composite material
with outstanding
properties; flowability,
high polish, radiopaque,
scannable without the
use of scanning powder
mediums, ideal for the
VPI system.

The Diamond Paste
is utilized for proper
polishing of the
composite surface of
the VPI Abutments and
Impression Posts.

Polishing brushes are used to refine and perfect the
composite surface.

The process should always begin with the Bristle Brush
and end with the Polishing Mop, utilizing the diamond
paste at all stages for ultimate results.

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