Our Story

VPI EPMS™ is a range of innovative tools that provide the ultimate solution for mastering the emergence profile.

The VPI Emergence Profile Management System™ was developed after experiencing numerous problems in my large and busy referral based implant clinic in Greece. I am sure you have experienced the same frustrations with patients who complain of food impaction and malodor around implant crowns, peri-implantitis associated with cement sepsis, concern of open contact between the implant crowns and the adjacent teeth, the unscrewing of the prosthesis or abutment, the de-cementation of the prosthesis and finally unfulfilled aesthetic results.
I knew I could not provide my patients or referring dentists with the highest level of care and the most natural final result if I did not find the answer to this industry wide problem.

After researching and collaborating with other specialists, restorative dentists and dental technicians from around the world, the resounding conclusion to the problems we were experiencing was identified; there was no way to simulate the proper size and shape of a natural tooth in a prosthesis with a predictable and duplicable method if the emergence profile around the implant is not equal to the natural tooth. My colleagues agreed with me; At that time, the only way to recreate the emergence profile was with meticulous soft tissue sculpting and the additional step of fabricating multiple temporary prostheses that needed to be integrated into the treatment plan. Unfortunately, most patients are not willing to spend the extra investment for optimal results and some clinicians are not willing to take the time to deliver it. I decided that I would take the time and put forth the effort to be the best surgeon for my patients and serve as an example to help my referring clinicians reach their highest level of excellency. I was committed to providing the most natural emergence profile for every single implant case I was completing and mentor others to achieve the same results. After all implant therapy is not just about placing an implant into the patient’s jaw but instead it is a natural tooth replacement therapy!

In 2014, I joined forces with my partner and certified dental technician, George Papadopoulos. Together we designed, tested, developed, patented and brought to life the VPI Emergence Profile Management System™ (VPI EPMS).
The VPI EPMS™ originally comprised only a mold template (VPI EP Mold) that my assistant could use to quickly and easily fabricate a custom shaped healing abutment that replicates the natural root trunk of the different groups of teeth, in different sizes. The results were astounding! The patients were pleased with the natural result and my referring physicians and dental technicians were impressed with my ability to deliver a beautiful, gingival emergence profile in every implant case I completed. I was thrilled with the results VPI EPMS™ provided us and, as a result, our practice flourished.

As VPI EPMS™ was being implemented we recognized another opportunity to enhance the system by eliminating the stress of trying to make the right choice in selecting the correct shape and size of the abutment without probes, intra-oral measurement or complex mathematical formulas! VPI EP Indicator was born and implemented to the VPI EPMS™. We now have a multi-use tool (VPI EP Indicator) that corresponds with the shapes and sizes in the wells of the VPI EP Mold to make the proper selection an accurate, quick and easy process! Another clinical application of the VPI EP Indicator is the evaluation of the available prosthetic space, minimising or even eliminating the need for diagnostic wax up. Finally, this multi-use tool can also be utilized as a surgical guide for identification of the proper entry site of the implant osteotomy and for evaluation of the position and angulation of the later during the osteotomy preparation.

In summary, we think you can agree that the VPI EPMS™ is a fast, simple and elegant solution designed for the VIP Dentist in order to eliminate frustration experienced with implant therapy and potential risks of failure. Our goal is for you to excel with confidence in providing the most ideal and natural tooth replacement therapy to your patients.

We are proud to provide you with the VPI Emergence Profile Management System.

Ioannis Vergoullis DDS, MS
George Papadopoulos CDT 

George Papadopoulos CDT 
COO Innovato Holdings
CEO MPF Brush Co.
T.A.F.E. School of Dental
Sydney, NSW Australia

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Ioannis Vergoullis DDS, MS
CEO Innovato Holdings
Diplomate, American Board
of Periodontology
Diplomate, ICOI
Visiting Assistant Professor
of Periodontics, Louisiana State

E ioannis@innovatoholdings.com
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